See The Bay

Follow our tips to See the Bay with fresh eyes, regardless of whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth. We’ve curated the best spots to behold San Francisco Bay – hike to the nearest one, or try going for a different perspective. Open your eyes wide to the Bay’s most dazzling vistas, or turn them down to examine its smallest creatures – after all, many of the Bay’s sights are best taken in from just a few feet away.

Save the Bay Staff Picks:
Bay Recreation Hotspots

At Save The Bay, we believe the best way to stay inspired to protect the Bay is to SEE and experience it first-hand. Our team of Bay-Saving Heroes always explores the Bay, and their adventures uncover some hidden and well-known gems. Here are a few of their favorite spots.

Local Super-Sensory Fauna:

The Great Horned Owl is a stealthy night-hunter that relies heavily on acutely sensitive vision and large pupils. In fact, if our eyes were in proportion to those of the Great Horned Owl, they’d be the size of grapefruits!

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