Hear The Bay

Bay wildlife can be quite chatty, so take a moment this Bay Day to activate your Super-Hearing and eavesdrop! Birds, mammals, insects, amphibians, and even plants can generate their own unique noises, which our Hear the Bay Adventure will help you interpret.

Join The Bay Trail for an App-driven audio tour. Walk the Bay Trail and listen to narrated tours from Bay Area TV personality Doug McConnell.

Here’s how it works:
  • Download Vizzit Places in the App Store or Android
  • Select your tour location
  • Start walking and listening to Doug McConnell. Driven by GPS, the app detects your location and delivers site-specific content.
Tours We Recommend:
Birth Of The Bay Trail, Hayward

Easy Hike, 2 Miles / 75 Minute Audio Tour
This is the birthplace of the 500-mile San Francisco Bay Trail that will eventually entirely circumnavigate the Bay. Listen to the Bay Trail origin story!

The Three Bairs: Bair Island, Redwood City

Easy Hike, 3 Miles / 90 Minute Audio Tour
Bair Island is an increasingly wild kingdom and gateway to nature. See marshes and nature evolve and expand before your eyes.

Richmond Home Front Heroes-Rosie The Riveter

Easy Hike, 2 Miles / 60 Minute Audio Tour
Take this easy, beautiful stroll and hear stories about the many contributions made by the civilian women and men who served their country on the home front during the war between 1941 and 1945.

Podcasts & Audio Tracks

If you can’t venture out to hear the sounds of nature, then take a moment to sit back, relax, and listen to one these podcasts or audio tracks. You’ll learn about the Bay and hear some of the magical sounds made by local wildlife

Local Super-Sensory Fauna:

For such a tiny bird, the Bewick’s Wren packs quite a musical punch! The male can sing up to 16 different songs, and spends up to half of his time singing in the early spring.