Meet our 2018 Bay Heroes

Save The Bay wants to inspire the Bay Hero in everyone, and this year, we will honor and celebrate four Bay Heroes who dig in and give back to our Bay in extraordinary ways. Bay Heroes embody the courageous spirits of Save The Bay’s founders, Sylvia McLaughlin, Esther Guilick, and Kay Kerr. They act boldly and creatively to protect our beautiful San Francisco Bay for people, wildlife, and future generations. 

We are proud to announce this year’s inaugural Bay Heroes and look forward to honoring them during our VIP Catamaran event
on September 29, 2018.


Join us!



“This sounds weird, but I feel deeply wronged by what we’ve done to the environment… and it’s always informed how I interact with the natural world.”


Sasha Youn &
Juliana Park

“I never, honestly, thought about trying to protect the environment when I was growing up. But seeing how much Sasha cared made me ask: ‘what kind of world am I leaving for her, for her kids someday?’”



“Think global; act local. There are opportunities to solve environmental challenges all around and if you start in the areas that you know best, then you can take that solution and share it globally.”